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The Little Local Marketing Company is made up of 3 slick and seasoned advertising, marketing and design professionals who have worked in highly competitive markets for over 7 years.

When we came to setting up our own local business the first thing we noticed was that local marketing prices were no different to high level national ones! Sick of consultants giving us inflated prices for basic products and services, we decided that we really needed to help smaller companies compete, by providing them with the basic and most cost effective marketing tools at prices that were more realistic, more affordable and more transparent.

We also wanted to give control back to business, so that they could update, control and manipulate the products they bought in order to suit their needs, without having to come back for basic things, and having to wait in line to get them.

We have now developed products and services that we truly believe offer value for money, self sufficiency and high quality. Our work is of a very high standard, our prices and services little and local.

Welcome to the Little Local Marketing Company! We are overjoyed to meet you 🙂


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  • Enfield, London, England
  • 07860 453 959

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