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Social Media for Small Businesses – should you try it?

June 3, 2012
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If you are a small business you have probably heard about the many wonderful things about social media. You may have even opened up a facebook and a twitter account and started running some form of activity.

But then you run out of time, realise that: “hey, this social media stuff is incredibly time consuming” and before you know it, you have abandoned ship and nothing is really happening.

Now, you have achieved establishing some form of social media prescence (which, lets face it – it is very important) but an empty social media group does quite a bit of harm to you.

Ok, ok, whilst its true that having a steady stream of tweets is not going to revolutionise a local dry cleaners, what it DOES do is bring people closer to you on a platonic level which has the effect of warming up your customers, so that they feel they already know a little bit about you, before you have even met them. They may even interact with you, in which case the deal is almost certainly almost done. There – that was easy wasn’t it?

No? Well thats where the professionals come in. You can hire a company or an individual to keep your tweets on the go. Nothing too fancy (although you can get as fancy as you like) but spending a little bit of your budget on maintaining your visibility is not a bad idea.

If you know that you want some social media activity but not sure exactly what kind, or how often or how much or what for – then feel free to get in touch.

It won’t hurt and it won’t cost  – and who knows? You may even find out there is quite a bit to gain from this whole social media thing.

We certainly think so!


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